The AIUCD 2024 conference, scheduled to take place from May 28 to May 30, 2024, in Catania, is organized by the CNR Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies, the DISUM (Department of Humanities), and the CINUM (Center for Digital Humanities) of the University of Catania, and it is supported by CLARIN-IT. The theme for this year is MeTe digital: Mediterranean networks between texts and contexts.

The Mediterranean is understood as an inclusive space for cultural, literary, artistic, philosophical and scientific exchange

The primary objective is to privilege the role of the digital as both medium and methodology, through which it is possible to link texts and peoples, to foster dialogue between diverse cultures, and to generate virtual spaces for the sharing of texts and artefacts with shared cultural roots.

Space will be given to theoretical and methodological reflections in digital philology and computational analysis, the organisation and preservation of digitised and born-digital collections, the application of Artificial Intelligence methods, and challenges in digital heritage conservation.

We particularly welcome proposals on the following key themes of the conference, for which reference is made to the call for papers:

  1. Digitised cultures of the Mediterranean
  2. Digital archives and editions
  3. Computational analysis of texts
  4. Ontologies and the Semantic Web
  5. Preservation of memory and digital cultural heritage

Proposals must conform to the template provided and to the instructions given on the information for authors page. The official languages of the conference are Italian and English.

The deadline for proposal submission is set to 23:59 on 2 February 2024 (CET/GMT+1).

For any information you can write to the e-mail address:

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