'Gigliozzi' Prize

AIUCD awards two prizes of 300 euros each, one for posters and one for presentations, to early career scholars (students, doctoral students, scholarship or grant holders) presenting at the conference.

The jury is composed of the two Chairs of the Conference, the President of AIUCD and two members of the Programme Committee.

To be eligible for the prize, candidates must:

  • be young scholars on a fixed-term position (scholars, doctoral students, scholarship or grant holders);
  • request to be considered for the prize by ticking the relevant box in the submission management portal of the conference (EasyChair);
  • be the first author of the paper or poster proposal submitted (for multiple author proposals, the candidate‚Äôs specific contribution must be clearly indicated);
  • present the paper/poster at the conference themselves.

Before the conference, the award jury will check submissions against these criteria and identify a shortlist of candidates. The winning paper and poster will be selected by the jury based on the quality of both content and delivery, and the winners will be announced during the conference.